Friday, July 11, 2003

Hard week, no entries

This week was really hectic because bad things always happen just at that time, where you have other important things to do.
Somehow we managed most of the problems (surprisingly fast unlike originally expected) and therefore our 3-day advanced Cocoon training held by Guido Casper could take place without major interrupts. It completes the training of some weeks ago held by Matthew Langham, where he taught us the foundations of XML and Cocoon.

After these three days I have the feeling that Cocoon is like a big surprise box where you can take out presents as many you like and everytime you think now it must be empty someone else pulls a new present out of it.

Guido really did a great job at teaching us the Cocoon internals and different form frameworks without taking too much influence on our decisions and staying objective about the pros and cons.

I'm looking forward to work with you on our project and bringing it to a great success!

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