Saturday, April 26, 2003

Haystack - An RDF-based Information Management System

Haystack is a research project of MIT which seeks to bring modern information management and retrieval technologies to the average computer user in order to make computers a more compelling place for users to interact with their information. Haystack looks into the use of artificial intelligence techniques for analyzing unstructured information and providing more accurate retrieval. It also deals with the modeling, management, and display of user data in more natural and useful ways.
It's available for Windows and Linux (GTK+ 2.0) on June 1st 2003.

Monday, April 21, 2003

CiteSeer - Scientific Literature Digital Library

For those of you, who don't already know it: CiteSeer is one of the best sources for papers about computer science hosted on the NEC Research Institute.

Working with DocBook

I was looking for some information on how to write good papers with the help of DocBook and just found Working with DocBook from Ted Neward. The subtitle of this paper is "Having Fun with XSLT and XSL:FO". Looks promising ...
While reading this interesting paper I found some more papers from him, most notably X-Power which introduces an XML format for White Papers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Information Architecture

This article with the title "A visual vocabulary for describing information architecture and interaction design" from Jesse James Garrett is a very good discussion about how the information architecture can be easily visualized with simple and well-understood graphical elements. Good examples and descriptions explain how to use them.
Additional there's a good page with resources about information architecture.

Web Development with Mozilla

LiveHTTPHeaders allows you to view the HTTP headers (with Header-TAB on Page Info), edit request headers and replay URLs. - Very great!
This article is about "Using Mozilla in Testing and Debugging Web Sites". There you can read about the JavaScript Console, Cookie Controlling, Source Code Viewing, Page Info, JavaScript Debugger, LiveHTTPHeaders (see above), DOM Inspector and Cache Manager.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Bugzilla installed at work

Today I installed Bugzilla at work on my Linux box and must admit, that I like it ever more the more I use it!
I always was a bit sceptic given the overwhelming large screens with dozens of form elements, but finally I gave it a try.
Time will tell, if this was a good decision ;-)

Sunday, April 06, 2003

jBpm - Java Business Process Management

jBpm is a business process engine wirtten in Java and licensed under the LGPL. It has a very nice demo too. Definitely worth a look!