Sunday, May 30, 2004

Problems of logging-wrappers

Ceki Gülcü wrote an excellent article (Think again before adopting the commons-logging API) about what's wrong about logging wrappers. It's not very new (November 2002 with updates in April 2003) but gives some very interesting points.
Although he's a bit biased towards log4j he gives some valid points though.
(Found through Ugo's post on the Cocoon Developer's Mailinglist)

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Eclipse 3.0 M9 is out "Like a bouquet of late spring flowers, a host of new and interesting things round out milestone build M9 (May 21, 2004) which is now available for download. See the M9 build notes for details about bugs fixed and other changes. M9 is the final milestone build of the Eclipse 3.0 development cycle, and marks the official start of the 3.0 endgame."

Greatest highlights from my perspective:
* Now code-folding is part of eclipse
* Search/replace with regular expressions
* Semantic highlighting (e.g. static fields, local variables, static method invocations)
* Java editor shows overridden methods
* Proposals for templates
* Highlight method exit points
* Quick menus for source and refactoring actions
* Early preview of J2SE 1.5 support
* One editor for plugin description (gets written to multiple files)
* CVS commit set layout
* CVS date tags
* Last synchronization in Progress view
* Launch shortcuts in all applicable views
* Refactorings update breakpoints
* Debugging in current perspective
* Better code assistance for custom Ant tasks
* Full template support for Ant

More details of the changes from M8 to M9 can be found here:
* New and noteworthy
* Printer friendly version (all on one page) - The State of Workflow - The State of Workflow: "If database systems are like a respected, wise man telling a clear story, then workflow must be a buch of spoiled brats shouting their own truth at each other. With this statement I would like to point out that workflow management systems are at the very initial phase of the technology hype curve. We are heading for some exciting times in this area."

Monday, May 17, 2004

Flow4J - Process flow modelling plugin for Eclipse

Flow4J - Overview: "Flow4J is an Eclipse Plug-in for modeling process flows in a drag and drop manner. A process flow can contain process steps (I call them flowlets), which can be linked together to a complex flow. All flows can contain the following types of flowlets:

* Control Flowlets like Start-, Decision- and Jump-Flowlets which are configurable in Eclipse, and tell 'how' the process should flow.
* Task Flowlets accomplish a specific task that is wrapped in a java class. The wrapped functionality can be everything like an EJB call or even JNI call."

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Rasqal RDF Query Library

Rasqal RDF Query Library: "Rasqal is a free software/Open Source C library that handles RDF query syntaxes, query construction and query execution returning result bindings."

DoubleType - Graphical Typeface Designer

FrontPage - DoubleType: "DoubleType is an open source graphical typeface designer that builds TrueType font file.

Written in Java, DoubleType runs on platforms supported by Java, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

Glyphs are stored in XML based file to aid collaboration using existing tools such as CVS.

DoubleType allows efficient glyph design by combining existing glyphs and modules."

XStream - Java to XML serialization, and back again

XStream - Java to XML serialization, and back again: "XStream is a simple library to serialize objects to XML and back again."

Hammurapi - Java code review system

Hammurapi is a tool for automated Java code reviews which can be integrated in an ant build script.
If you want to know what the generated code review documentation looks like you kann have a look at the self review of Hammurapi.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Comments enabled ... just did a relaunch of their blogger software which now allows you to post comments on my weblog.
Additionally it's now possible to have real permalink URLs for individual posts.
Here are the details: