Sunday, May 23, 2004

Eclipse 3.0 M9 is out "Like a bouquet of late spring flowers, a host of new and interesting things round out milestone build M9 (May 21, 2004) which is now available for download. See the M9 build notes for details about bugs fixed and other changes. M9 is the final milestone build of the Eclipse 3.0 development cycle, and marks the official start of the 3.0 endgame."

Greatest highlights from my perspective:
* Now code-folding is part of eclipse
* Search/replace with regular expressions
* Semantic highlighting (e.g. static fields, local variables, static method invocations)
* Java editor shows overridden methods
* Proposals for templates
* Highlight method exit points
* Quick menus for source and refactoring actions
* Early preview of J2SE 1.5 support
* One editor for plugin description (gets written to multiple files)
* CVS commit set layout
* CVS date tags
* Last synchronization in Progress view
* Launch shortcuts in all applicable views
* Refactorings update breakpoints
* Debugging in current perspective
* Better code assistance for custom Ant tasks
* Full template support for Ant

More details of the changes from M8 to M9 can be found here:
* New and noteworthy
* Printer friendly version (all on one page)

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