Saturday, July 05, 2003

Time to marry

Christian Haul announced on the cocoon developer mailinglist that he'll marry his girlfirend today.

These were his words:
Hi team.
I will be offline 'till ~12th (and largely have been for some days already)
due to some happy event in my life: I'm going to marry my girl friend tomorrow!


Many people congratulated him, and I thought it was time, to "out" myself too. I did so while sending my congratulations to Chris.

Here are some more details about our wedding:
Maria and me live together for 6 and two-third years now and we will marry on July 19th in Neurmarkt/Ybbs (Lower Austria, Austria, Europe, Earth ;-). This date is not chosen by accident, because it's the 25th birthday of Maria and we decided it while enjoying a wellness weekend at Therme Geinberg in end of May 2002.

Those of you who've read my FOAF profile (viewable with FOAF Explorer) perhaps noticed that I've already silently included our wedding event some time ago.

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