Thursday, July 03, 2003

JBoss 4 Developer Release 2

The JBoss Group has released JBoss 4 Developer Release 2.

This is a list of recent changes:
* JBossDO: JDO for transperent persistence for POJOs. First iteration from the hard work of Alex Loubyansky.
* JMS rewrite: First iteration from Nathan with help from Bela Ban and Adrian Brock. P2P serverless topics by way of reliable multicast.
* AOP XDoclet integration: Great work from Andy Godwin. JSR-175/C# metatags right now in JBoss 4!
* Expand AOP Pointcuts: Per method, field, constructor as well as Caller pointcuts.
* AOP Performance Improvements: Framework speed up by factor of 6.

It's really amazing what the AOP framework aims to solve. Let's hope, that it holds what it promises. But what's going to happen with all the J2EE standardization? Will all the extensions that JBoss brings you lead to incompatibility or will it merely drive the J2EE standardization process. In the later case would not then JBoss define the state of the art and all other application servers try to do the same?

I'd be really interesting in your thoughts on this topic, unfortunately I have no comment functionality on my weblog. But there are enough places where you can post your JBoss comments (The Serverside).

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