Friday, August 01, 2003

Wedding and wonderful honeymoon

Yes, we finally married!

Originally Maria and I were afraid from this step as we both hate big celebrations. Nevertheless it was the most beautiful day in our life.
To some part that was due to the fact that we didn't want to have a traditional wedding. Instead we wanted to have it the way it fits best to us. I'm sure we hadn't got so much positive feedback afterwards if we followed every hint about how we should do it ;-)

Now some more infos:
We married on July 19th (the 25th birthday of Maria) at the registry office in Wieselburg (15:00) and afterwards (with some drinks and photos in between) at the church in Neumarkt (17:00).
Theb we had some time to talk to friends, relatives and neighbors while having a drink and something to eat.
After that we drove to the Mostlandhof, where we had an excellent dinner. This restaurant is located on a hill where you can overlook beautiful parts of the Erlauftal. The weather was excellent and we could enjoy a really beautiful sunset.

At about 24:00 we were taken to a quite new Hotel in Amstetten, called Exel, where we spent our wedding night.
On monday at 02:15 early in the morning a bus catched us and brought us to Venice (Venedig for german speakers ;-). There we got onto the ship Costa Classica where we had a wonderful one-week cruise: Venice - Bari - Katakolon/Olympia - Santorin - Mykonos - Rhodos - Dubrovnik (Croacia) - Venice.

I never imagined that our wedding could be so beautiful.
Here I'd like to say thanks again to the parents and grandparents of Maria for making us such a big present with the Hotel and the cruise.

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