Friday, September 12, 2003

New Bon Jovi Album: "This Left Feels Right"

Quoting the announcement of the new album album "This Left Feels Right" from Bon Jovi:

BON JOVI are set to release THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT on NOVEMBER 4, 2003. Co-produced by PAT LEONARD, JON BON JOVI and RICHIE SAMBORA, THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT is a showcase of the band's greatest hits, each completely reworked from an acoustic base with new arrangements and various styles. (In addition to the Bon Jovi hits, which include "Born To Be My Baby," "Keep The Faith," "It's My Life" and "Wanted Dead or Alive," the band has included two new songs, "Last Man Standing" and "Thief of Hearts".) THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT is not the band performing their most popular songs with two acoustic guitars. Each song has been broken down to its core elements, re-discovered and re-crafted, constructing an album that takes the songs you thought you knew in a whole new direction.

"We went into the studio thinking we were making an acoustic record," says Jon Bon Jovi. "We had a definite idea of the record we were going to make. But once we began experimenting with the songs and trying out new ideas we created a very different, unique album. We made a complete left turn and took the project down a different road. "

The band joined forces with veteran producer PAT LEONARD (Madonna, Rod Stewart, Elton John) and began the process of choosing which of the many hits the team would rework. Large rock anthems became jazzy riffs. Songs sung aloud to crowds of 80,000 morphed into intimate serenades. Tempos and instrumentations, phrasings and arrangements have been revamped and each track is as if it were a brand new song. The long hours in the studio have been some of the most creative and productive the band have ever experienced.

"I am having the most fun I've ever had working on this album," elates Richie Sambora. "I'm so excited - I literally cannot wait to get into the studio everyday and get to work."

I'm very enthusiastic about this new album, since Bon Jovi is the only band I grow up with and still "Keep the Faith" ;-).
The accoustic version of "Livin' on a Prayer" has always been a milestone of music performance history and I'm looking forward to hear the new versions of great old songs.

Definitely a must-have, if you ask me!

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