Monday, June 30, 2003

Some cool FOAF viewers

Here are some online FOAF viewers I've found with an example link to view my FOAF profile:
* FoaF Explorer (my FOAF profile with FOAF Explorer) lets you explore a given FOAF file. Has a nice interface, which also shows you the photo, if you have set one in the FOAF file ;-)
* FOAF Web View (my FOAF profile with FOAF Web View) has a spider to which you can add your FOAF file. Then you can navigate through the network of who knows who. - Quite interesting!
* FOAFNaut can generate SVG images from a network of people who know each other.
* FOAFBot is a bot which you can ask some questions about persons and he gives you the answers.

Somehow I get pretty addicted to the possibilities, the RDF-based technology gives to you ;-)

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