Thursday, June 26, 2003

Report of the Cocoon Stamtisch

It was really a nice evening yesterday which started at 20:00 and took until 00:40 for the toughest ones (Reinhard, Manfred and me ;-)
It's really amazing, how such events help to realize that people often develop the same things at work which you're going to do.
Perhaps we'll join our effords on certain areas in the future.

Matthew had to get off a bit earlier to be well rested, because he should do some Cocoon training for us today and tomorrow ;-)
I can't tell you that I am well rested :-(

I can't await the next Cocoon Stammtisch and perhaps some other Cocoon events will take place in the near future in Vienna, but I don't want to spread vapor now.
So stay tuned!

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