Saturday, January 22, 2005

In the army now ...

Perhaps you recognized, that I didn't post anything since end of September. The reason is, that I finally have to do my military service which started on October 4th 2004 and "erases" 8 months of my life :-(.

The base training was in Weitra and took 5 weeks. It was a bit hard for me - not because the training was so tough (it was more like Baby sitting ;-) but because I could see my family only on the weekend.

About 5 weeks later I have been relocated back to Vienna, taking driving lessons to become a military truck driver.(you see, here in Austria the recruits get jobs which have nothing to do with their skills). This time it wasn't like Baby sitting at all. It took me 3 days to get the permission to sleep at home, just because the topkick of the barracks was such an a**h***.

Another 5 weeks later I managed to get my driving license and have been relocated to my final destination in an office. Here I don't have much to do and the office hours are really pleasant ;-).

Now things have setteled down a bit and I find enough time again for things like starting my master thesis, playing with Cocoon-, Java- and XML-related things and of course some reading.

Stay tuned for more regular posts ...

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