Thursday, September 09, 2004

Better Cygwin Terminal

I just searched for a better cygwin terminal and found the following resources:
* Better Cygwin Terminal
* How can I copy and paste into Cygwin console windows?
* Setting up RXVT

My cygwin.bat currently looks like this:

@echo off
chdir C:\cygwin\bin
start rxvt -sr -sl 10000 -fg white -bg black -fn "Lucida Console-10" -tn cygwin -e /bin/bash --login -i

Update 2004-09-09:
I still was not really satisfied. The colsole behaved good, but I wanted to have the same comfort putty is giving me.

Fortunately I found the solution:
* PuttyCyg
It is a patched version of putty and adds 'cygwin' as alternative protocol to raw, rlogin, telnet and ssh and is just what I was looking for a long time!

Using it is really simple:
* Download, extract and start puttycyg.exe
* Select the 'cygwin' protocol and enter '-' as hostname

If you want to directly start a terminal window without GUI interaction (as I like it) use the following command:
puttycyg.exe -cygterm -


Anonymous said...

> puttycyg.exe -cygterm -
Or simply: puttycyg -

rektide said...

puttycyg - did not work for me, although it was what the docs suggested. i had to do puttycyg -cygterm -

pardon me necro'ing your post mate, i'm glad i found it.

Mike Nelson said...

wow! Uber sweet. Just what I wanted.

Andy said...

Another PuTTY-based alternative is MinTTY, available from

Unlike PuTTYcyg it is a Cygwin terminal only, which results in a simpler interface and smaller code size. It's also got a few additional features, e.g. support for modifiers on arrow and function keys, drag&drop, and window transparency.

Anonymous said...

nice post - thx

Luke Palmer said...

Thanks, just what I wanted1