Tuesday, April 13, 2004

OutlookContacts2AdobePSA v0.2 released

Here's the new version (v0.2) of my little software which exports Outlook contacts to Adobe Photoshop Album 2 contacts:

* A GUI which allows you to set some options
* Optionally ignore entries without email address
* Optionally ignore entries without name
* Change location of contact file (unfortunately a file dialog is not supported from within Outlook - help is very appreciated!)
* Change encoding format of XML file (for other languages)
* Optionally make a backup of the existing contacts.xml file
* Fixed bug in generated XML format

Feedback (especially from other PSA language versions than german) is very appreciated!
Please go to the Adobe Photoshop Album forum at www.adobeforums.com and look for a thread with the subject "Tool: Import Outlook Contacts into PSA2" for this task.

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