Monday, October 13, 2003

Resources for URL Design

URL design is something which I'm very picky about and therefore I want to know what's the perfect URL.
Today I googled the web for the best resources I can find quickly.

Here are the results:
* User-Centered URL Design by Jesse James Garret (2002-09-24)
* Designing Web Usability (Chapter URL Design) by Jakob Nielsen (1999-12)
* URL Design on Keith's Wiki
* URL-Design Links and News by Már Örlygsson
* URL syntax/usage/implementation run-down by john at illuminent
* Cool URI's - great resource collection by pixelcharmer
* More on URL design by Asterisk
* URL design by Phil Windley
* URL design of his weblog by Michael Himsolt
* Sensible URLs with PHP by Simon Willison
* Towards Next Generation URLs by port80 Software
* Organizing your Site by Joshua Allen
* Article URLs week (Day 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) by Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman

I might update them if I find even more interesting resources but that's enough for today.
I want to go to bed now ;-)

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