Thursday, May 22, 2003

Journey to Paderborn

I just returned from a two-day meeting in Paderborn with Armin Vogt, Guido Casper from s&n and my colleagues Christian Burger, Thomas Haginger, Andreas Köll and Christoph Takacs.
The meeting was intended for synchronizing our ideas for a project at our firm.

The landing (Air Berlin) at the Vienna Airport was a bit bumpy so that the oxygen masks at the next seat in front of us popped out ... but we survived it ;-)

Yesterday we had a very nice evening at the Brauhaus where Uwe Bröker, Carsten Ziegeler and Matthew Langham joined us.
Some photos were taken from this event, so perhaps you'll be able to see something.

In general I can say, that this journey was a great success (for both parties I hope ;-) and I'm looking forward to meet again in Vienna, Munich or Paderborn

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